Boat Building in "Wood in General" 


With increasing interest in wood epoxy boatbuilding we are often asked how much a wooden boat hull costs to build. This is a very difficult question to answer. Unlike fibreglass, steel or aluminium which have fixed properties, wood comes in a huge variety of types and grades, and is priced accordingly. Even the same type of wood can vary greatly in price according to its grade and according to it's geographical availability. There are many places in the world where a local timber will do the same job as the exotic timber mentioned in the textbooks, and at half the price. To further compound things, the same type of wood can be called different names in different parts of the world and conversely completely different woods can be called the same name. The answer to all this is to find a wood merchant that knows boatbuilding timbers in your locality. We of course will help you where we can.

A good source in Europe is  who have a section listing more common European timbers for various parts of a vessel.

In North West America who have a huge range of speciality timbers and are very experienced with boatbuilding timbers. Both these firms ship anywhere.

In Australia try Boatcraft Pacific who has their main centres in Brisbane at and local agents throughout the country.