Answers to Allegations of Pirated Boat Plans & Designs


The original Bruce Roberts company was founded in 1968 by Andy Slorach and Bruce Roberts-Goodson in Queensland, Australia. In 1972 Bruce left Australia to concentrate on the American market.

In 1994, after 26 years in business, Andy Slorach retired, selling Bruce Roberts International to naval architect Bill Ingram.

In 1998 Phil Hogg and Liz Thompson acquired the business. In 2000, after a number of disputes with Bruce Roberts-Goodson's business ethics, Bruce Roberts International distanced themselves from Bruce Roberts-Goodson. Bruce Roberts-Goodson is no longer associated with Bruce Roberts International and has his own business called Bruce Roberts Designs.

Bruce Roberts International has been based in Queensland, Australia for 48 years.

The plan portfolio owned by Bruce Roberts International was purchases legitimately, through legal channels. Every plan sold by this office since 1971 has a registered sail number (sailboats) or registered hull number (power boats). These plan numbers for our designs have been issued unbroken since then, over 43 years and we continue to hold and add to these records registered vessel numbers still.

Vessels built from these plans have proven themselves in seas and oceans all over the world. Some of the designs we sell are hand drawn and were first printed in the seventies and eighties, others from the nineties, and the 21st century are computer draw.. The Longboat 21, designed by Barry Long; the R341, Spray 33, Tom Thumb 24 and others designed by Graham Shannon; the Waverunner 40/42, PCF40 and other earlier Waverunners designed by George Love are all timeless examples of excellent full displacement hull designs that have withstood the test of time.

The list of plans described as 'out of date' and 'no longer supported by designer' is a list created by Bruce Roberts-Goodson as he does not have these plans. We hold all the original plans, right back to 1968, along with all updates. If someone has bought a second hand vessel with the Roberts name then we will still have the plans for it and we do still offer support for these designs when needed.

There are a number of plans designed in the late eighties/early nineties where we do not have the computer files for, just the Mylar masters. As we bring these up to date they will be converted to electronic format.

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We offer excellent service and you, the builder, can avail yourself of all advice from us at no charge simply by just quoting us the hull/sail number we assigned you with when you purchased your plan set.