This Spray 36 kit is being built at Burnett Heads, Queensland, by a man that has had no previous metal working experience at all.  As you can see, the parts are all numbered and fit together into pre- cut slots. The plates are all marked where they fit onto the frames. A foolproof method of building your dream boat.


Page 1:  Receiving the kit.

Snipping the binders. This kit was delivered by flat bed truck.


Forward bulkhead. By studying the cut out shapes on the plans beforehand, 
all parts are readily identifiable.


Frame part showing limber holes and the precut slots for the stringers to sit into.


All pieces are marked with code numbers that match with those shown on the plan.


Stringers, frames and solid floor webs laying out on garage floor.


Markings on plate where frames and stringers are first tacked, then after erection, 
completely welded.


Unloaded pallet. This kit, weighing 7.2 tonnes took four men 1 hour to unload.



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