Building the hull


The full size patterns have been transferred onto a level plywood base.


A frame being made to the pattern


All the frames stood and stringers notched in.


The radius plates rolled to the correct radius before fitting to the framework.


Fitting the radius chine plates


The radius chine plates being tacked into position.


The top side plates being added


The bottom plates tacked on to complete the hull body



Turning the hull


Rolling the hull upright


Nearly there


Making sure that the hull is sitting level


The R 482 hull


Inside looking forward


Inside looking aft


Installing the ballast. 5500 kgs of cast iron heater bricks 



 The Deck

Stainless steel P bracket, bearing holder and prop tube.


And a stainless steel bow roller


Transom with built in swim platform. Coach house framing going up.


A well designed wheelhouse.


Internal framework





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