These fine photos have been brought to you courtesy of Wayne and Gayle,  the builders and owners of this fine Roberts 39 cruising yacht who dropped in for a visit on their way to the Louisiade Archipelago.   May, 2001.



Page 1 : Making and erecting the frames and keel.


Having transferred the full size patterns to a more substantial surface the frame material
is cut to shape and welded up.


The strongback ready for the frames to be placed in position. The strongback can be built 
from any suitably strong material. (RSJ, heavy angle, railway iron, box section, etc)


Wayne is a qualified boilermaker and elected to make the keel at home in one piece
 before transporting it to the site. There is nothing wrong with this method although you
do need to be an experienced metal fabricator before attempting to build this way.


Skeg and rudder sections completed also at home.


All the frames on the strong back in position.


The keel section on the trailer waiting to be lifted into position by crane.


Welding the keel into position.


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