Page 1:  Standing the hull frames


Standing frames on strongback. The strongback in this instance was built by 
setting 2" pipe into cement then after levelling with water level a 3"x3" piece 
of angle has been welded on top.



Another angle showing the forward half of the boat
Notice centre-line string used to line up each frame exactly




All frames standing. Frames being marked and notched for the stringers. 
Some time spent here with a long fairing batten making sure that all frames 
are correctly in position will help ensure a great, fair hull.


Floor webs, stem bar, keel, and stern bar welded in place.


The chine bars and sheer pipe have been tacked in position The frames
have been notched to take the stringers.


When bending the stringers to the curve of the hull the flat bar will often twist.
Giving the bar a few hits with a heavy hammer soon flattens it out again.


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