This alteration makes a OK cruising boat into an excellent cruising boat.

This series of pictures show the rudder alterations on the earlier R 43 version
where the rudder shaft sloped at an angle aft of the keel. All new R 43 sheets have this modification as standard. Sheets showing this alteration which can be performed on the earlier designs are available from our office for $20.



 The original quadrent under the aft athwartships berth.


The rudder shaft removed


The rudder tube cut off and sandblasted ready for re-welding into it's new position.


The new exit hole for the rudder tube.

The rudder tube tacked into position


The extended keel to take the bottom rudder bearing


The RSJ steel section trimmed down to take the reinforcing plates


Side plates tacked into position


Making sure everything is in line before final welding


Another view


The new rudder being constructed.

The finished rudder.


Repositioning the pulleys for the new quadrant position.


Support struts for the rudder tube added.

Another view


Rudder and prop shaft in position.


Ready for painting.


And the owners comments. 'We have had her out in a constant 25 to 30 knot winds and both running and when hard on the wind she is unbelievably better to steer. No more sore shoulders or weary bodies even after hours of running downwind.'