This Coastworker 30 (semi displacement) is being built by Graham in Queensland, Australia. On page 1 you will note that the inside of the hull plating has already all blasted and primed which, when building upside down, is a good thing to have done before turning the hull the right way up. The deck can then be made from plates blasted and primed on one side and then the entire outside can be done as one lot after all the welding is finished.


Building the Hull

   Stringers notched into frames. Also shown in this shot is the skeg that 
has been designed to protect the prop and rudder from damage.


   Working first one side then the other The hull plates are 
laid and tacked onto the stringers



   Fully plated up bow section. Be sure to only tack weld plates
 until entire hull is plated


   Last plate waiting to be laid on


   Fully plated. Notice split pipe rubbing strake, a good thing 
to incorporate at this stage.


The transom


Looking forward.




Turning the Hull

   Wheels welded to strongback and entire hull wheeled out of garage.


   Rolling the hull over. Plenty of old tyres required here.


   Nearly there. Hull weight approx two ton at this stage.



   Placed back on strongback in level position for wheeling back inside shed. 


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