This series of photographs are of a semi displacement Coastworker 25 being built by Arthur in North Queensland, Australia. Living at  latiude18 degrees south, shelter from the searing sun is a necessity, hence the extended cabin. This also works in well with accommodation comfort on Arthur's plans of extended fishing trips on the outer reefs.


The neatness of Arthur's work is quite apparent in this shot.



  A template was taken of this whole area which was then welded up as one
piece on the flat before being tacked into position.



 The beginnings of making a template for the bottom plate. 



 Hull plating completed.



Building the keel.



 Keel sides plated.



  Note the small wheels of the trolley used to pull the hull outside for the
turning upright process.



 Turned upright and ready for the deck and cabin.



Extended cabin well advanced.



  A beautiful fair hull and a credit to the builder.