Fine Tolerance and the Northwest Passage



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Audio: SV FINE TOLERANCE - 2006 NW Passage - winters over - ice breaker rescue Podcast #125 Fine Tolerance
Phil and Liz took s/v Fine Tolerance further north than almost any cruising sailors have gone. They sailed the North West Passage through the Arctic passing above Canada from the Pacific through to the Atlantic. In this part we talk to them about their trip and their winter layover in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada. See you on the water!
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Submitted by Noel Mon Feb 11, 2008 ) Podcast #126 Fine Tolerance

Imagine your boat being stuck in ice and getting out on the ice to walk to another boat, then finding your boat gone the next morning! This is exactly what happened to Phil and Liz of the boat Fine Tolerance. Fear not, they did find the boat and the story continues. See you on the water or perhaps ice!
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Submitted by Anonymous Sun Feb 17, 2008 )