Boat Building in "Cold Moulded" 


Moulded Ply or Veneer

This method of construction can be used to build several of our designs, and plans are available based on this technique.

From full size patterns supplied with the plans , station frames are marked and cut out of scrap timber and plywood. Stringer positions are marked and notched. The frames are erected on a prepared strongback and the stringers, keelson and stem are added.

Very little fairing off is necessary as the stringers go in at the correct angle and allow the plywood or veneer strips to be added glued and nailed to the stringers.

The plywood or veneer strips are applied diagonally and sometimes vertically and fore and aft as shown in the plans.

To ensure a good bond between the layers, staples are used to pressurise the glue while this hardens. If silicon bronze or stainless steel staples are used they may be left in the hull.

BUILDING TIP: When installing veneers or other material that requires temporary staples, one of the most onerous jobs is removing the staples. Many methods have been tried but this one successfully used by Russ Stevenson works some narrow THIN packaging METAL tape and this can be used underneath the staples....easy to remove when the glue has set...simply give a hefty tug on one end of the tape and the staples come out without a whimper...make sure to wear goggles as staples may fly in all directions.