Ezi Build Explained 


Ezi-Build is the name we have given the methods used to build our latest range of steel powerboats.  We believe the name is apt and you will agree after you have seen the steel literally drape over your hull framework. 

All of this is made possible by the use of our computer software which is used to develop these new designs. 

For many years we have been searching for an easy and simple method of building good-looking steel powerboats.  Using traditional methods to expand and develop hull plating during the design stage meant that one forced to make compromises to make the hull shape fit the material......no more.  Now we are able to run many hulls through the computer so as to achieve the exactly-desired hull shape but with easily-developed plating.  We may run as many as twenty very similar hulls through the program until the desired result is achieved.  All of this take just two or three hours once the basic hull design is drawn.  To obtain the same result by traditional, hand-drafting methods would take as many weeks as it now takes hours.  

What does this mean to you, the builder?  It means that you are now able to build better looking, better designed and easy-to-build steel hulls much faster than you though possible.  The Waverunner 22, 25, 28, 34, 38,  44 and 52 all feature the "EZI BUILD" building concept.