Choosing a Design 


You should always remember that a well proven yacht is just that, a well proven yacht. Even the most experienced cruiser such as Hiscock with his last Wanderer or Chitchester with Gypsy Moth suffered with the problems of a one off boat. Yacht designing is still more art and feel than science. Don't get caught. With the cost and time involved, buying a well proven design with 100's already sailing, with all the bugs ironed out will save you considerable expense and heartache later on. Even 100 of thousands of dollars of design fees does not guarantee the perfect hull. Just check the racing world where even the most expensive boats are regularly hauled out and altered to improve handling, windward performance, etc. Sea miles and fine tuning is the time proven method.

This is what you get with a Bruce Roberts Design. Bruce's skills and knowledge combined with the input from hundreds of owners that have sailed thousands of miles have enabled him to produce the comfortable, seaworthy designs that grace the pages of the design catalogue and this website.